This tonsilitis will not shift. Think I am going to have to go back to the doctors. 😦


The guinea pig will not stop scratting and making himself sore, and I have a husband stuck at home… bored.


What am I to do?


Oh well, been re-writing my short film script. ‘The Hurt Inside’ I have an intended target for it so I really want to add some depth to it. Got a review on it today actually from Talentville I will put that to good use and hopefully make things much better.  🙂


I plan on doing nothing over this weekend, my dad wants us to go up to his and go out for dinner but with Paul on the sick and just getting stuff together from Xmas I can’t say ‘yes’ would be wrong just at present. We have to tighten out belts for a wee while. We’ll manage, I always have spare cash, I just don’t like spending it all.


Really quiet in work, I guess for the same reasons, if I am skint after Xmas then sure as heck most other people are. A lot of the other rounds are struggling as well, it isn’t just mine.

Just hope it will get better soon, it is quite heartbreaking sitting waiting for customers to come out and they don’t. Even more heartbreaking is the fact we throw away so much food it is unreal. I  do hate that. Especially when loads of people are so skint, food is precious we shouldn’t waste it. 😦


Hope everyone else is okay, thinking of you all.





2 comments on “Ahhhhhhhhh

  1. Hi hope that you feel better soon when we get these kind of nagging bugs at this time of year they can be hard to shake off. Its a shame that you and your mate are not well and the timing is not good for you to visit your dad but he will understand and another time will come and you will enjoy your time together then. Yes many people are tightening their belts at this time of year myself included but the car troubles i have will set me back quite a bit. I can not believe that your employer throws out all that food I know it is not good bussiness to give food away but I am sure that he could even if in private give it to a shelter or something that is a shame but not something we as workers have any say in. Hope you get some rest and feel better soon and best of luck with your writing Hun xxxxx

  2. It is all about ‘health and safety’ for other eating something that they technically haven’t bought. As long as the food was eaten on the day it was taken down I am sure no one would mind at all. But no matter what we suggested, legally they can’t. It is a shame. But the amount of food this world and our society wastes is phenomenal anyway. Thanks for the support, hope your car is fixed soon.


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