Sat night

So yeah, yesterday was a bit of a bummer.


A rushed case of finishing work, going the dentist, shopping and a quick chippy tea. Followed by a few drinks and then bed at 1030. Not much for a friday night.


Sat, hasn’t been much better. Woke with a headache, got up. Cleaned both cages for the guinea pigs out, looked after squeeky the one with the sore. And then went to clean the ponds. Baby pond has been struggling to keep the temp warm without all the extra padding. Had to pull it off last week didn’t I, so that sucks. But all fish look fine, although the big ones are cold and don’t like it, really sluggish and daft, funny to watch.


Spent the rest of the morning the house cleaning and other general things. Went back to bed though for an afternoon kip. 🙂



Getting a little miffed with things due to lack of money, even though it isn’t my fault. Every time Paul opens his mouth it cost us something.


I didn’t want to do anything this weekend, because we’re out at a party next weekend. But, nope my hubby arranged to go to my dads, at first we were going to eat out, but I said we were skint, then his other half was going to cook, now we’re eating out again. We haven’t any cash, and I know they don’t. So I don’t want them paying for us or anything either, so it leaves me with my headache and a feeling that tonight will cost us more cash than I wanted to spend.




I haven’t gotten to do any writing today, due to doing everything else in the house. This bugs me because I have a deadline and suddenly feel like I’ve run out of steam. I’ve just run out of steam with everything else.


I don’t know about Paul being on the sick, but I could sure do with a week to catch up on things. I hate having a job that when you are ill, you get no choice but to go in, because it leaves you stressed and tired for much longer than you have to be.


This time of year sucks……



Well, best get ready to go out, I’ll try and enjoy myself, even though I am defo going to end up paying for it. 😦


Speak soon.



One comment on “Sat night

  1. I think that you head ache is stress related you always have so much to do and are always worried about the well being of others people animals and everything in between…… I fall into the in between not a person or an animal a wee bit of both and you always take the time to care for me too LOL.
    Sorry to hear about the visit stressing you out that should not be the case when you are visiting family just understand that us men don’t always use the big lump on our shoulders for the proper reasons…..Unfortunately we may think we are making things easier for all by making plans like your man did and your Dad by saying if we go out nobody will have to cook and clean but we do not think of the finances involved for everyone to do so.
    When all these stresses are always on our mind especially finances we tend to look at events that should be enjoyable and start to dislike the time we are spending with others. The same for work when we are seeing going to work as just an means of paying for our bills and what that money we are making is being spent on or already spent on it takes the enjoyment out of our worklife.
    I think you need to get out a wee day timer and start alotting time for your busy schedule. You seem to have a routine of work and care for animals so that is a daily event that you can plan for each and everyday try and fit in things that make you happy at least 25 percent of the time you have remaining you need sometime in your day to relax and do things for yourself. It may mean not having the tidy house everyday but hey every other day a little clean and at the end it is all good.
    Try and enjoy your time tonight and soak in the company you are with look at the great people you have in your life and enjoy your time with them it is unfortunate but one day they will all not be there and then you will have a void that money can not fill. One thing I know for a fact is that you are a caring person and at the end of the day when you lay your head down you should sleep well knowing that you cared for and touched each and every person that you spent time with that day and we are all blessed to have you with us each and everyday but please take some time each day to care for your needs and your enjoyments.
    Have a great night xxxxx

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