Aww guys had some bad news today over my nan, she has growth on her bladder and has to see a surgeon over it, I feel so useless like I cant help her, I knew there was something else to her cystitis but did she listen god doctors are so stupid sometimes, I feel so bad for her, even though she tells me not to worry i cant help it, she has done so much for Paul and I letting us live with her every year for 8 weeks when the site shuts down

I dont know how I am gonna cope if anything happens to her,



I am so upset sorry guys will leave you alone now just had to get it out you know.


Will talk to you all soon.


So sorry if I am bit quiet at moment am little upset I guess and dont know what to say.

Love and hugs

as always


Worth it!


Just to let everyone know that this fight is worth it.

ed does have to be locked away for good

he is not worth all this pain.


I am struggling with recovery but each day I get stronger, I learn to fight him back some more, learn to cope with food normally and not panic for feeling guilty over it.


there is normality out there, with no fear that gaining weight will ruin us,

no fear that it will destroy what we are and what we have become.


We can all do this, get down this windy road.

many paths to turn back, entice us,

but together

holding hands,

we can keep going forward


We are all worth so much more than this rubbish.

We all deserve so much more.


Together we can do this,

and I believe in us all.


love and hugs