11/08/2004  18:52

Sorry everyone, managed to sort out some of problem but still cant find my files, will have to get some one to look but dont think there is a virus, hope I didnt worry anyone.


Wont be on now till later my head is so done in,

Thanks everyone,

Gnight, Gbless,

Hope you are all feeling ok and (((((((Hugs))))) all

Love ya all,





Am so glad this didnt happen last night,

my copmuter aint well and I cant figure out why,

I was down loading an update from symantrec liveupdate when encountered a problem, they gave me list of stuff to do but then as I was doing it computer crashed not only can I not get on site like I want to through Aol cant get anyone else, most of all have lost all my writing, thank god for back ups, am going to have to try and get it sorted, think it may be a virus or something.

Just wanted to warn everyone, as they can pass from computer to computer and I would hate to have given it anyone else if I do have one.

Wont be on tonight, but will try and get sorted someway or other for tomorrow,

Hope you are all ok and you all in my thoughts

Love ya

Big hugs and kisses