To everyone who reads the posts and doesnt post,

To everyone who comes in chat and cant chat

Some of us are doing ok in this fight, others struggling and some plodding on.

Know this site is about all of us no matter how much or how little we share, some share a lot, likeĀ  me (I cant shut up sometimes).

Others just read and share a little when they can which is good to.

If you just come and read and get strength from that too it , remember everone of us is different.

We are all unique.

Know that it is all good.

I am here for you all, in good times and in bad times, (specially the bad ones) and know no matter what you share that you are all loved by me, everyone of you.

My heart is big enough to fit you all in, everyone of you.

and you are all in my thoughts,

everyone of you, all special to me in one way or another.

Please take care of you, the inner you and I am here for you all.

Love and big hugs



sorry am just a big softy and thought this had to be said….