I have two dreams


and one cant happen without the other,


I know I write and would love to be published and when I am comes the second dream


I want a retreat for us all a nice place where we can all meet and chill out, relax and talk hug each other and make real true frineds for ever,

my two dreams become one,


I know I have a list as long as my arm of anyone wanting to come,


please tell me so I do know you all want to see me for real , meet me in the flesh,


anyone who doesnt can reply too,


he he this gonna be great I know it all of us together and I know I will do it, next ten years you will all be with me, in my luxurious home with swimming pool and gardens massage therapist and all, anything you want,

post any ideas you have too I would welcome them all,


Love ya all loads and know this would be ace,