Today’s events…


So feeling a little better, once more. Thankfully, everything seems to be settling down. It has been a rough few days though, awful in fact. Fingers crossed that I don’t get any more 🙂



I got a text today about rescuing some fish for a while. The lady who owns them lost her husband and was finding it very difficult to look after them. We first helped her out in the summer and found a good home for four of her larger fish, but the smaller ones we couldn’t sell or re-home. So we hoped that she would be able to manage them, not being as many over the winter. Sadly not, it was worrying her silly, so we brought them home today… sort of against my better judgment. As with having baby koi, we’ve no QT to isolate them and treat them, we just had to wiz them straight into the big pond.


Of course, all my fish are happy to see new friends. And went right into pushing them around the pond. I think it will take them a while to settle in, but they’ll be fine. At least if we get bad weather the water is heater here, they’ll not have a rough winter.


I’ll just have to be careful. They are five rather large fish, which might just push my filter (which is in winter low mode) over the edge, but I am a careful person, so everything should be good.


Been a very busy evening,  just settling down now.  Don’t know how much I’ll do tonight but I am going to try some plotting 🙂


Have a fab evening all, speak soon.







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