Hey there,


Feeling still under the weather, nothing like working when you have a fever and a really bad throat. 😦


I went to bed at 7:30 last night and slept for most of it. Think I’ll be doing the same again, well after a nice bath.


Thinking more about short scripts today, actually wrote out a small plot line for one. I guess I should start writing it. Wether or not it fits someone’s bill, its a nice idea and I like it so why not 🙂


Just not tonight, will try and start something by the weekend though.


Paul is off tomorrow, so he can do some of my jobs and get stuff ready for when I get in, might be feeling even better tomorrow.


I cancled my scuba training, can’t dive with a cold or anything so no point going. Paul said he will go swimming though, he needs to get himself fitter so he can join in on the dives, and I know he really wants too.


Got my email from EON saying the cash for this solar payment will go in the bank  soon. Good, I’m buying a cross trainer/exercise bike to help us both burn some energy 🙂 Can’t wait for that.


The guinea pig looks better though he seems  to have a nervous twitch. His cut looks so much better, but it is itching him which he doesn’t like.


Fingers crossed we’re both better soon….


Have a fab night all, catch you later.





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