Hello 🙂


Finally getting there. It is Thursday, that means one good thing it is Friday tomorrow…. YEY!


I have to be excited about that. It seems like it really has been a long week, although it has been a short one.


I am doing my (re) training on my theory for Diving on Saturday. At someone’s house who I probably won’t be able to find. Yikes.


It has been an ongoing issue with the dive club about the lack of comittment this last year from anyone available to teach me. I started out great. Did theory lessons 1-3 completed all 5 pool sessions and was waiting for someone to finish theory 4-5 but nothing ever happened. It got too late in the year to be organising any trips out in ‘real’ water because it would be far too cold for me.  And that was that. I paid my membership and  was forgotten about. Sucks, and I’ve had it all out with them, so hoping this time things will be different.


Of course I’ll let you know.


Work was better today, windy as heck like, got blown all over the place, but it was okay.  In my job the target is to read £300 in sales at least per day. It has been a tough couple of days but I made up for some of it today, which was good.


My mum, who now works with me,  has the other side of Southport. She’s not doing so good and has been asked to start to try and get more customers. Doing this isn’t easy when you are driving, and trying to serve and fit in the ones you do have. It took me more than 10 months to get the confidence and quickness to work out and do a little of everything.


I know they told her the job might only be temporary, (maternity leave cover) but I am hoping they realise that they can’t cover the holidays people want and take time off themselves… They really do know how to run a tight budget that way.


I have my fire lit, the fish have been all checked on.

Babies are doing fab…. If you want to take a look… I have a youtube account.





This is the latest video… check it out and please tell me what you think.  It is hard to see the better ones. When the weather warms up I want to get them in a blue bowl for inspection and I’ll video them there again. One  of my favourites (yin and yang) has just that, his first half is white, and the back half is black. You can see him in the vid, (27 seconds ish) although hard to spot. What you can’t see is any of the Kohaku’s which are coming through. There is a nice 3 step one, but till I get it out, I don’t know if it will be any good. In fact don’t know if any of them are any good. But they’re growing, happy and healthy…  that is all I am interested in. They do come from good stock, they were just an odd breed to put together.  Oh,well.


Big fish,  not so sure about. I can only hope that the White spot has gone… no one is sulking any more and they’re all back looking around for food. Now started to put a little in, (because I have an albino sturgeon) and I’ve loaded it with Sansai a good bacteria, like Actimel for fish 🙂


Guinea pigs are settled in lot more. The smaller one is doing better, gave him some more pain relief today. And I must admit he really like it,  hooked I think!


So I am now off for a bath and something to eat, before the other half gets in. Then I can carry on with TSK as I didn’t get as much done as I’d liked yesterday.


Speak soon….





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