Yukky day 😦


Ummm, bit of everything in here today, but I don’t really have a lot to say today, feeling a little down. Work has just been very slow and that general buzz everyone had before Christmas is just gone. I think we all have the January Blues. Which is a shame really.


I managed to write three pages yesterday on my sci fi TV project. This one is just more for my fun than anything else. My characters were begging me (in my sleep) to be brought to life a little more, so I started The Secret King – The beginning, just before Christmas. I am almost to the end of the fourth act and really pleased. Although, as usual it will need heavy editing before anyone gets to read it, I am still having fun. Sometimes, you need to have a little bit, don’t you?


I’ve stuck to my guns for the second day. No rubbish food at work. I weighed myself yesterday and will monitor it, but am not going to get stuck into doing it everyday. Once a week and I’ll let hubby record it so he is aware  how much it drops, (slow and sure) For me the alcohol will be the biggest calorie loss. I never realised how much was in it before. So cutting that back will defo help.


Guinea pigs are settling in well. Although, the smaller one’s bite  isn’t healing very well and keeps opening up. He’s on pain meds at the moment, and we’re keeping an eye on him.


Fish are all fine, babies are growing massive, will need to keep them a few more months yet and then get rid of them. Sell them hopefully, they’re looking smart now. 🙂 I am really pleased with how they’re looking, such hard work to raise, but worth it.


Going to try and aim to finish the next few pages and to the end of Act four on TSK… will let you know how I get on tomorrow 🙂


Speak soon.



4 comments on “04/01/12

  1. You sound like you have got your head on straight and taking things as they come quite well. You may not see it but you have a lot on your plate at the moment the fish the other animals requiring your care and you do that without thinking but it is all time consuming for you. Be careful with the diet I know we all want to look like the swim suite model but to some of us that is not the look to go aftter I am one that thinks you are great just the way you are but I also know that society pressures us to look one way and as much as we say it does not affect us it usually does just be careful hun your perfect as you are if you ask me. As you said slow and steady will get it done safely so please do so. Take care and best of luck with the writing look forward to having the time to sit and read it all some day soon. Your pal celticron……

    • Thanks Ron, believe me, I am not going mad… and I’ll never be a swim suit model, but I don’t mind about that either.

      Sometimes I do think I have a lot on my plate, but as you say it sort of just comes natural now. I am however, not looking at raising any fry this year. I want to get the ones I have left to a nice size 🙂


    • I was a little unsure about clicking your link… but thanks for posting it. Yes, I guess it all depends on the program you get on, and the people who are there. Mostly it is down to you, if you aren’t ready for it, you can’t do it. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by… hope you are doing better now.

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