So as interesting as it was to be back in work. (not) glad it is over.

Paul hasn’t worked today, so it was nice to get in and have a roaring coal fire. Was good not to have to do it myself.

I also had two Parcels waiting for me when I got in.

One, a freebie from  http://www.talentville.com a book on scriptwriting, by David Trottier… Dr. Format. So that will be an interesting read. I’ve kept up as much as possible with the column that sparked the book.

And the other was for a DVD. A Nandar entertainment production, called Finding Mr Right. I’ll let you know what it is like when I have seen it later.

So for the rest of the evening I’m going to make Paul look after me. Seeing as it was such a hard day back at work. I don’t like doing much on the first day.

Got my ‘healthy eating’ off to a good start. I avoided all the pastries and bacon buttys at work. I tell you it is going to be tough, driving a large ‘lunch box’ around all day, filled with delicious pastries, cakes, sandwhichs, pasties and other hot food is a nightmare. But I will have to carry on. I really do want my to look nice for my dad’s wedding. 🙂

Fingers crossed. 🙂

Settling in for the night now.  I have a few other things to write. So on with that… no more procrastination I have a TV episode to finish.

Speak later.


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