What a day….

You know it  has been a tough one, so I have to say sod the health kick  tonight and I’m having a drink 🙂

I’ve still cut out so much I have to have a little treat…

Guinea pig was screaming in the night… he’s  so in pain. I cut away the fur around the wound today to see it better, hoping the air will help. I also separated him from his friend, although he can still see him. They have to be social creatures. I want him some time alone to heal up and maybe I’ll have to keep him like that, but it is a big big sore, not nice…

I’m tired… had the piggy to sort out, the fish…. the cat, the washing, food to get out for tomorrow… change my clothes so I can wash my work gear. I’m beat.  So chilling out tonight and not doing anything 🙂

Catch you all laters…


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