My friend in work K just sent me a text saying my other friend, the slow one, who just passed her driving test 8th time, cause I talked to her on the net on sunday has been going round telling everyone in work and that I was gonna ask the doctor for another week off, I bet she didnt tell them that I was having a really rough time neither as that is what i told her, when she asked when I’d be back I said I would see the doc as it was real bad for me,


I just sent her a really snotty text message to her phone saying if she a had been a real friend then I would tell her the truth as to why i am off work but I ended it saying she wasnt worth the truth..


I am so annoyed i really am, she getting blocked on my msn now, and I never gonna talk to her ever again.



Stupid woman

n more so


Love ya all here,




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