Busy,  busy, busy.


So Sat was so busy, didn’t sleep so well got up early because Paul went off to work. Was freezing so stayed in bed while the heating got warm. It was still cold. I heard the guinea pig screaming so got up to face a blood bath. Had to go out and get him some more pain meds, that set me back half an hour. I needed to leave the house by 9:40 at the latest it was 9:20 when I got home to help him out.


Poor thing, he didn’t like me putting anything on him. I don’t blame him at all, it must hurt.


Then I went off to finish my theory lessons with Southport BSAC. This was a very interesting day. I am still  not 100% better and I was cold all day no matter how much coffee I drank or the food I ate. The lessons were good. We learned all about planning dives and what happened when things go wrong. It was really good to learn all these things and see how and what to do.


However I had a terrible headache by the time I left. I needed to get home, I was freezing, I haven’t done much house work all week because I’ve been un-well and I hate a untidy house. It is awful… Mum had lit the fire for me but I needed the heating on for a while before I warmed up.


Paul was involved in an accident at work. I get a text message about it and I hate that. A woman indicated to pull over at Wymott Prison, lost. Paul decided to go around her, when he was half way past her she indicates and turned right in-front of him.  Made a right mess of his bus and her 4×4.  He has a sore shoulder and ribs from the shock. Bus drivers don’t wear seatbelts, and I have no idea why.  Just awkward for him and everything else which is going on. I know this isn’t going to end well.


The woman tried to blame him, because he was on the other side of the road overtaking. Luckily Paul has a witness who saw it all. Madness… I hate accidents and the stress it causes.


Anyway, still had a headache, so I got home after 4pm and I took some tablets along with my antibiotics and then hit the pillows for an hour, I was due to go out to a Charity Ladies night, to help raise funds for Southport life boat services. I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to it, but after a sleep and a shower I was quite refreshed and we left the house before 7pm.


It was a good night, what more can I say, ladies, booze, naked men. All in all just loads of fun, and the food was fab too. 🙂


Today all we’ve done is dismantle the ladies pond whose fish we rescued the other night. It was cold, I am tired and I am still sick I need rest.


Will speak soon…. 🙂



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