I have been thinking. I post in lots of other places, but not here. So I transferred all my Fishy adventures across. Now I need to find all my other ones.

Goals this year are….

To lose 20lb, to support my husband to lose 40lbs. I have to get him fitter if he wants to  be able to swim and dive.  He thinks he is ‘old’ but alas he is just ‘pudgy’ and unfit. Bit like me.

My eating disorder is in the back of my head, but I am not listening. I want to  look nice for my dads wedding, I want to buy a nice suit… size 14… or wear the one I have.

I want my husband to look nice too, it isn’t a lot to want. really.


Writing goals, are a whole different ball game.


I want to start to send more stuff off.


I want to polish my feature, and write one more.


I want more short stories finished.


Other goals.

To finish around the pond now we found the leak.


To sell and get my babies much bigger.


To have a healthy happy year for my koi.


To just chill out and relax on a few breaks away. Carnforth and maybe Devon 🙂


I think that is probably about it.


Thanks for listening.




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