Print out day!!!

So yeah, I’ve edited as much as I can. I think its time to print it, a viable first draft.

I’ve a few crits in on the first few chapters, so they’ll be altering in the next few weeks and I’ll decide what and where it needs to go (bar the bin) lol….

So, wish me luck, πŸ™‚

It makes it feel so much more real when you actually have it in print.

Here goes… I’ll post a picture later.


In other news, been out to the ponds today, clean and refresh the water. 2 toads and one frog in the big pond.

My Shiro Utsuri male is looking better, not as pink, so I am thinking that it was a drastic drop in water quality (rain) that made him pink up.

Babies are fine, some of them look stunning. I can’t wait till spring as we’re going to catch them, take pictures and see which to keep and not. I know I’ve promised 10 to a local charity, but they’re twice the size now, so I might only part with a few. That will be up to him.

We’ve got lots to do when the weather warms up. Get the backi shower running on the main pond and then also sort out all the stupid pipes and wires. Too many jobs, but no fish till we straighten this all out. And I make sure there are no parasites about.

Spring is always the worst time of year for them, they don’t like the cold weather, neither do my I 😦 its miserable.

Catch you later…

Dawn x x

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