I wanna scream and shout…

and let it all out!!!!!

Word count from 76,484 to 80,819

Today’s count 4335


Today I wrote the most amazing finale ever. (Come on if I can’t be excited about it, who can)

And writing those last two words was the most amazing feeling ever!!!

I am so thrilled to have finished this one, and yes of course I am sad too.

I posted on facebook this afternoon about the type of ending people like to read. And for the most part everyone wanted me to be true to the characters and to the story. So I was.

I am going to be of course open to suggestions when the beta readers get it.

I am sitting now, enjoying a pear cider. Then I think I need to sleep for about a week!!!

Next job, the big spell check and proof, then first print off.


But for tonight. I celebrate….

x x x x x