My characters have nothing but bad luck :(

Word count from  67,245 – 69,560

Today’s count 2315

Ughhh, things seemed to be going so well. And yet here I am  with my two favorite characters now suffering even more tragedy.

It isn’t fair 😦

And it really isn’t going to end well… It seems that no matter how I want to write this,  they dictate their own path… a short summary of what is happening. For anyone interested.

PS, this is a sub-story going on while the main plot happens. 🙂

Admiral Octav and his long time friend and bodyguard Chace were out celebrating, food and a few drinks in a bar that they had never been in before. Octav didn’t like the look of his dinner, so Chace ate it instead. Only to find out later the next day that he’d been severely poisoned with a genetically enhanced killing agent. While on his deathbed and with no emotional barrier protecting his feelings for his commanding officer Chace and Octav realize that they’ve been fighting the truth for too long. But their relationship would be very complicated. Octav is married, Admiral of the fleet and Second in command to House Niakrex. Although things are left very tense time really isn’t on their side.

At the moment. I am struggling with this. Too much conflict easily resolved. I think this one might stretch on to the next part in the series. So, will he  or won’t he die?

Big question…

I am however, really enjoying the moments that they’re spending together, they’re so touching. 🙂

I am hoping this weekend to get well onto the 80k mark. Wish me luck…