Heading out :)

I don’t often get to go out. The lonely life of a writer hey… well not entirely.

It always was and still is pretty hard to be sociable. The Eating Disorder side of my life ruined the enjoyment of dressing up and letting loose.

I love people, I love being out, but that niggling voice in my head, sometimes creeps back in, especially at this very tough time of year.

But tonight I’m letting me out, we’re going to my husbands Christmas party it will also kind of be a celebration night for my 35th birthday. Yippie… we’ve got some friends staying over and it should be a really nice evening.

Total count for today is 73,474. 🙂 which I am pleased about.

I enjoyed my sleep this afternoon, although I still feel tired. In one sense I am really wanting to get to the end of my story, because I need to catch up on missed sleep. Really, really badly. But then on the other hand I don’t want it to end. It really will make me sad.

Still for tonight, I am out, going to have a couple of drinks with some friends and maybe even a little dance.

Have a great evening all. And I look forward to (no hangover) so I can carry on writing.

Speak soon.


72k :)

Word count from  69,560 – 72,612

Today’s count 3052

I’ve been awake since the real early hours of the morning, 5am. Because my characters are totally getting to me. I’m at an emotional crossroad with them which is tearing me apart as much as it is them.

But for now, I am stopping. As I am so tired that my eyes hurt.

We are going out tonight, so I am off back to bed for a sleep. Hopefully then I will be able to stop up late. 🙂

Not so sure I will get much more written today, but I might try for an hour or so later.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Speak  soon.