65k :) wooo hooo

Yeah, every little milestone counts…

Word count from 63,118 – 65, 008

Today’s count 1890

It has been a breeze today, some more heartache in the mix and some real raw emotions.

My two guys really struggled with their feelings, fought tooth and nail not to be together and then bam…  amazing when it happens like that…

Writing is such, such fun. I am having a blast and I do really love it. 🙂  So, for my guys I am proud to say that for now it is working out okay.

That is all I am going to spill though.

Onwards the ending is in site, edging closer and closer.  I will say it is going to be a tearjerker though,  and that does make me sad. The happiness now isn’t going to last forever.


On other notes, been really cold here today, poor fish, my main pond is down to 6d now. And I’ve even started to lower the baby tank so they can have a winter as well. 😦

I am so looking forward till the 21st of Dec, a break, hibernate city for me for a week I think. Some reading, more writing and time with family. I can’t wait.

For all my new visitors and likes, if you comment I’ll come and comment back, interaction is good. Don’t be shy. lol..

Dawn x