Holidays here we come :)

So, I haven’t needed to quite blog as I have… Although I do really want to keep up with everything and every one.

Today was the last day of work. A nice break now from the humdrum of like as a delivery driver.

To be truthful I really haven’t been looking forward to any of it.

I didn’t want to put the deccies up… I just wanted to hide away.

It’s been a tough financial month. Hubby hasn’t been at work, so wages are next to nothing and that means no extras, or well no anything this year.

I didn’t even give out any Xmas cards and that really isn’t like me.

However, I’ve had a little bit of cheer today. Some of my lovely customers gave me enough of a tip to be really happy. And I also received a huge box of veggies for Xmas day. 🙂 So chuffed it is unreal.

You see, before I even knew what we were doing for Xmas day, I invited my dad and his new wife over. They’re in a bit of a mess with their storm damaged house and well my mum is working.

This is the first ever Xmas I’ve had my dad over. So kind of a big deal.

But, then the crap hit the fan at Paul’s work and well no cash meant no nice Xmas dinner.

It has been saved. 🙂

Writing wise, I’ve done okay. Edited up to Chapter 9… about 100 pages. This is only the first pass. Will be several more before it is even anywhere near ready for anyone other than some nice alfa and beta readers. I am really happy with how it is developing, and there are so many little changes to it that tie in with the TV series, so it is working out fab.

I have lots to do this weekend.

Time to catch up on some sleep too. I need that.

Catch you all soon…

Dawn x