Wow!!! where did that come from?

I’m stopping the writing for tonight.

Word count from 61,519 – 63,118

Today’s count 1599

I’m taking a little time today to blog because my characters decided today that their lives would take on totally different path. I guess thinking about what I have written already so far that this tension has been building. Although I didn’t want to acknowledge it, they were ready, so I had to listen.

I am still in shock and awe that it happened tonight. 🙂

Without sending out too many spoilers for this novel and for the TSK TV  series as a whole. I will say that I am not adverse in writing or having any of my characters be ‘gay’, and in the TV series one of my most favourite episodes is ‘Rimono’s story,’ Written by my good friend Steven Kogan and edited by myself. And I just love it. Because it is real and exactly how I envisioned and see the characters involved in the world I first imagined.

When the opportunity arose tonight it just sort of felt natural and right for these two characters (Octav and Chace) to finally admit that they do indeed feel for each other. Will they be able to come to terms with it and their situation in the story… I don’t know. I kind of hope so and I hope that I do them justice.

I have around 20k to still write for this, there is plenty of room for more surprises. I do admit though that this is one of the nice ones.

Thank you goes out to my muse, and to those who inspire me day in and day out to continue on with this project.


A very happy Dawn x X x