It goes so quick!

I’m having a little catch up again, seems to be all I do at the moment. Like the days are all into one, or two… 


Anyway, took mum to the airport on Sat 16th, think my step dad picked up a fine for too. Guess he’ll have to wait and see and we had a lovely meal out with Paul’s brother and Sandra on the Friday night. Been a good while since he let anyone in so it’s really nice that they get on so well. And I like Sandra and the kids are cute too 🙂 

Had physio again on Fri, it was tough, the elbow is getting a little better, but the progress seems to be really bad for a week, then settle then again this week been really bad. I think it’s because after the physio I do the extra exercise and I push it a little. I know that pain is a bad thing, so I try and avoid it, but it’s impossible. It hurts, period. 

This week’s been a great one. I went to my first NANO meet, and although I was so nervous, I was lucky to have Fiona to travel with. The writing position was uncomfortable though, no rest for the elbow, so it’s been really painful since Tues. 

I was so close to finishing the book yesterday though, that I just had to keep going. I wanted to write the ending. And I did. 


Finally I wrote the end. And at 96892 words, its a good first draft. 🙂 

I am sure I have a ton of editing to do to it, and lots of missing bits I know I want to add, but I am pleased. Now back to book 1, so that I can hit next year off with some really good queries. And hopefully, you never know land a good deal. 


Mum is due back soon, the weather has turned. 😦 and she’ll feel it. We’re hoping it has been a nice trip away, but I’m not sure. An emergency trip to the bank for extra cash, eeeek, I’m scared to ask what’s happened. Luckily we have a joint bank account, or she’d have been stuck. At the moment, with no available cash being off sick. could have been a disaster, unless she actually rang the bank. 


Well, that’s me out for a little bit. Please check out Bobby’s latest video 🙂 He’s getting to be such a good boy. And so friendly now it’s unreal. I loves him loads. 



It’s in public so you can see him 🙂 





I wanna scream and shout…

and let it all out!!!!!

Word count from 76,484 to 80,819

Today’s count 4335


Today I wrote the most amazing finale ever. (Come on if I can’t be excited about it, who can)

And writing those last two words was the most amazing feeling ever!!!

I am so thrilled to have finished this one, and yes of course I am sad too.

I posted on facebook this afternoon about the type of ending people like to read. And for the most part everyone wanted me to be true to the characters and to the story. So I was.

I am going to be of course open to suggestions when the beta readers get it.

I am sitting now, enjoying a pear cider. Then I think I need to sleep for about a week!!!

Next job, the big spell check and proof, then first print off.


But for tonight. I celebrate….

x x x x x