It goes so quick!

I’m having a little catch up again, seems to be all I do at the moment. Like the days are all into one, or two… 


Anyway, took mum to the airport on Sat 16th, think my step dad picked up a fine for too. Guess he’ll have to wait and see and we had a lovely meal out with Paul’s brother and Sandra on the Friday night. Been a good while since he let anyone in so it’s really nice that they get on so well. And I like Sandra and the kids are cute too 🙂 

Had physio again on Fri, it was tough, the elbow is getting a little better, but the progress seems to be really bad for a week, then settle then again this week been really bad. I think it’s because after the physio I do the extra exercise and I push it a little. I know that pain is a bad thing, so I try and avoid it, but it’s impossible. It hurts, period. 

This week’s been a great one. I went to my first NANO meet, and although I was so nervous, I was lucky to have Fiona to travel with. The writing position was uncomfortable though, no rest for the elbow, so it’s been really painful since Tues. 

I was so close to finishing the book yesterday though, that I just had to keep going. I wanted to write the ending. And I did. 


Finally I wrote the end. And at 96892 words, its a good first draft. 🙂 

I am sure I have a ton of editing to do to it, and lots of missing bits I know I want to add, but I am pleased. Now back to book 1, so that I can hit next year off with some really good queries. And hopefully, you never know land a good deal. 


Mum is due back soon, the weather has turned. 😦 and she’ll feel it. We’re hoping it has been a nice trip away, but I’m not sure. An emergency trip to the bank for extra cash, eeeek, I’m scared to ask what’s happened. Luckily we have a joint bank account, or she’d have been stuck. At the moment, with no available cash being off sick. could have been a disaster, unless she actually rang the bank. 


Well, that’s me out for a little bit. Please check out Bobby’s latest video 🙂 He’s getting to be such a good boy. And so friendly now it’s unreal. I loves him loads. 



It’s in public so you can see him 🙂 





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