tough week, but there is hope. :)

Hey everyone. 

I think we all get the holiday blues. So being back from Devon was the same for me. As I am off work with my arm being busted the initial build up to going away (seeing as we skint) wasn’t good. And neither was having little cash to do the things we really wanted, but it was nice to be somewhere different. 

Being back home though is pretty depressing, and I’ve suffered this last week more than anything. It’s been evident too, when people ask you ‘you’ve been quiet what’s up’ that normally notice the bubbly person you are. 

So some positive things did happen though. I’ve rung work to see about having a chat to them, return to work interview. And I’m hopeful. I guess we’ll see what they say about things then. Can’t worry over it too much. 

Money has been alright by the end of the month all bills were paid, and we’ve still been able to buy some of the things we’ve wanted too. Thankfully Paul did go full time when he did, or his part time wages would not have covered anything, but we’ve actually had an okay month on the whole. 


Yesterday was the first day of nanowrimo. Last year I went into it on a wing and a prayer, this year I’ve had 7 weeks to think about a plot etc, but have been wondering if my arm could hold up to the task of actually sitting down to write. Well the answer to that is ‘nope’. I did write 4386 words yesterday (with the excellent group in our regional chat room doing 15 min word sprints)  but I’m in a lot of pain this morning. Very stiff and sleep last night wasn’t that great either. 

I’m kinda hoping it’s just because I’m not used to it. And that I need to get used to it, it’s good excersise. But I don’t know. It’s just so damned frustrating. There are still things I just can’t do and it upsets me. 

I know cleaning my house is really doing my head in, I can’t do some of the things I want to there, because there is no strength to it. And physio only wants me to work on that from next time if my arm improves. I cannot express how upsetting this whole thing has been on my physical self and emotional one. 


The worst thing I’m terrified of falling over again, and scared to actually go out and do things. 




But day two of nano is upon me, something that will at least distract me. 


Speak soon everyone. And good luck with your word counts. 


Dawn x x