Looks good in print :)

Wow, so this has taken me most of the day. But, finished printing about 30mins ago.

Twenty Nine Chapters, and 500 (double spaced pages) and 80,429 words.

Of course, it will change in the next few months, more than likely a lot. But, this is the first copy. And it looks awesome 🙂

Here’s a picture….

2012-12-30 18.18.00


Have a fab evening all.

Dawn x

6 comments on “Looks good in print :)

  1. Oooo! I want to do this with mine, but I really am more comfortable editing on the computer! (Look at this newfangled young whippersnapper go) It’s like a newborn–it must feel nice to be able to hold it! But now you’ve got work to do. 🙂

    • I like to keep a hard copy for other purposes too. I’ve known writers who have had copies go awol, be corrupted by virus, etc etc. Always a good idea to keep multiple copies of things, everywhere. 🙂 Yeah, I do have loads more to do, but its such fun. I love it. lol

  2. There is always something nice about reading over your writing in a semi-permanent state (not having to look at those squiggly red and green lines being one of them… (>^-‘)> ). I still tend to find problems that way that I didn’t while looking it over on the computer.

    I have switched over from printing to Kindle now, though. MOBI files are easy enough to make, and it has the same effect for me while saving a ton on paper!

    Congratulations on the printworthy draft, and best of luck with whatever changes need to be made!

  3. Thank you, I am sure there will be many changes. 🙂 But, I’m open to it, it helps when you have great readers who help you become a better writer. Looking forward to the progress with this one and seeing something come of it. I’m determined no matter what to get this out there.

    Never thought of Kindle, what do you mean you email a book version to yourself? Would love to learn more on that. Would make reading much easier on some…

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