Downer :(

I tend not to post about things that bother me at the time, because the emotions are pretty raw.

This week has been a tough one, at work and at home.

Pauls job has gotten so much worse on him and to be fair he’s done his absolute best, but they’re almost forcing him out the door.

I had to take him to the doctors on thursday because his stress levels are through the roof. He’s not sleeping, or functioning anywhere like himself. It sucks. So he’s been signed off till Xmas, this means less money for us and less stuff we can do while we’re off.  Nothing like having a bored husband for 10 days…

Unfortunately for me this affects my mood for writing. 😦 so it hasn’t been the best week, even though I have really tried. This computer sucks too, it crashes every day. While I back up on a regular basis, it still crashes and I’ve lost so much work because of it. Bless my hubby’s mate for trying to get mine fixed and lending this one too me, but if it isn’t back soon, (before Xmas) I think I am just going to get a new one in the Jan sales, even if it is buy now pay later… I can’t carry on with this, its just crap.

Today I’ve spent the day cleaning, because I didn’t do any in November lol… its been kinda nice to get the bedroom sort of clean. Still need to put away some junk though, my stash of books, writing stuff and bits and bobs is just all over the place. I don’t know where it all comes from sometimes. Wow….

Been out in -3 this morning to clean and re-fill the pond. The blanketweed is dying off, so its clogging the filters. And it is so so cold, poor fish. The only ones who aren’t feeling the cold are the babies. (they’re still at 12d)

My plan for this afternoon is to carry on cleaning for a bit, then stop and do some writing, hopefully. 🙂

Catch you later.


D x

6 comments on “Downer :(

  1. The best way to forget about the job situation is writing like mad with the mindset “I don’t want this crappy job for the rest of my life. I wanna get paid for my writing. Then live life and earn income on MY terms!” That’s good motivation. Or I can throw eggs at you.

    • Thanks Paul, You make my day with your comments. And you are so right, I need to get my focus back and stop the crappy feeling. Write like mad is correct. I will plan on a full day tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks again…

      • Haha, not trying to kick you in the hindquarters. That was just one of the feelings that got me writing in the first place – I don’t want to do my job forever!

      • You’re not, I don’t want to do my job forever, I want my ‘Paul’ to not do his job either. 🙂 Onwards… that is for sure. You will see this novel published next year…

  2. Paul,

    I’m so sorry about your job situation. I hope you find a better job soon — with a healthy atmosphere, and where you’re appreciated.


    • Thanks Valerie, I will pass the message on. We’re hoping that things will settle. He’s just not sleeping at all, Was up all night last night. 😦 I can’t do much for him, but be here.

      Your message is thoughtful.


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