1000 words a day

Well, so far this week I am still trying to keep my nano objectivity. I was hoping to write the 1500 a day, but it is a struggle without the other people egging me on. So, I have decided that I am happy with 1000 a day.

At this rate I am still hoping to finish this month. That is a more realistic goal I think for myself.

Weekends are planned, so can’t really get much in there, although I would love to sit and write for 10 hours like I did a couple of weeks ago. Not going to happen in December, party month. And also my birthday. 🙂

What are your goals this month then? anyone?

I have also been a little easier on myself regarding time. I am allowed to go and visit others blogs, and I am allowed to read and comment. So this will help I hope in contacting other like-minded people, so hopefully getting to know others will help keep me on track. At least that is the plan.

Oh, and early nights are nice… reading before bed is just bliss. I had missed that.


Night all. x

5 comments on “1000 words a day

  1. You want me to throw eggs at you? Odd request. But ok, I’ll need some time to arrange my flight and cross the Atlantic. I’ll buy my eggs over there. That’s a lot of really fast writing. How’s the quality? Not the story (I know that’s probably something you’ve been thinking about for some time). How is the prose? I hope you’re one of those people who can spill honey on a blank page with ease. Hate to think that the effort to get words down quick will result in a massive rewrite headache later. Not so bad for a 110 page screenplay; a novel, on the other hand… wow!

  2. Yes, throw eggs… lol… It is a lot of writing. It will need heavy editing. The point of Nanowrimo is to turn off the editor and just write. So, with a keyboard where the ‘w’ sticks. And lots of spelling errors. I am sure I’ll need a lot of time to whip it into shape.

    The story has been well thought out, but still surprised me some days.

    Thanks for stopping by, If you need anything shout and I’ll come chuck eggs back 🙂

  3. I need a bit of post-nano motivation and have set myself a target of 750 words a day and will reward myself with stickers. I have finished my first draft but it is important that I keep up my daily writing, even if it is just random thoughts of the day! Haven’t quite got back into reading yet, but trying to focus on blogging much more.

    Good luck with your 1000 a day!

  4. Dawn, how are you managing to write during all the building work, are you having to wait until builders have finished for the day?
    I plan to finish reading a couple of books I started before NaNoWriMo, get organised for Christmas, and do final copy edit for Zombies story (changes already marked up on printed draft from months back, I just need to amend word-doc).

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