Hump day…

So yeah, Wednesday is hump day. Middle of the week. The worst and also the best day because once it is over, you know Friday will soon be here.

I had a more productive day today than I did this last couple. Only because I came home and forced myself to start at 4pm, just like I was doing through nanowrimo.

To get anywhere near finishing this in the next couple of weeks. I need to write 1500 words a day, so I’ve made the effort, and I’ve done today’s count at least. 🙂

8.15 though and I am pretty tired. I am sure its the cold that makes me feel like curling up and just hibernating for like the whle of winter.

A lot of progress for today, so I am pleased.  Going to retire now for the night. Think an early one and some reading is in order.


Night all.


D x x


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