Great party, relaxing Sunday :)

Last nights 21st party was nice. Good to see some friends enjoy themselves. Boy was that room cold though. -1 and it was freezing in there, some of the young girls in dresses had to keep their blokes coats on. I think only the brandy and hugs from my other half kept me warm.

I think the idea was to get on the dance floor and the entertainment there was funny. But I am not a dancer even with a good drink in me.

Dj wasn’t bad, good food. Great company. It was even better that my mum drove us home, was nice for me to relax and have a drink without worrying about driving home.

Today has just been a nice chill out day. Caught up on some sleep, slept till 10am. Then got up to sort all my computer files out and transfer things to Final Draft 8 🙂 yey!!!

I’ve done some writing, a synopsis for a London producer wanting to start casting. Exciting stuff, and some brainstorming with my good friend for another script to a producer in America. All a go really.

Just glad things are nice and relaxed today, need a few weeks of ‘no problems’   before the spring sets in and I might get some more with the fish lol… spring is always scary due to all the bugs that can stay active over winter. Glad I heat, at least I can turn it up a bit sooner and sort out my problems before it is too late. 🙂

Heading off for a relaxing chilled out evening. Got to Dance is on the Tv and its nice and warm in here.

Speak soon all.


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