Wed tagging on Thurs :)

Ummm don’t know what happened there… I thought I posted it live. Guess I didn’t. Oops…


I sometimes just don’t know where the time goes. This weeks flying by…. eeek.

Problems this morning with my script registrations. So had to sort that out. Funny isn’t it that almost 12 mths ago and they’ve lost my card payment details. Good job Paypal is so organised.

Work, work, work. And it’s been so busy… Can’t wait for next week when we get four days off for Easter 🙂 Yippie… I’ll get some time to catch up on things before the end of the month.

I’ve done as much editing as I can. Almost to the end of Chap 5 now. 🙂 It’s really bad when you’ve taken some time off from the piece and only been concentrating on the beginning. When you actually do move forward, you are thrown back into the world you created with a new vision. It’s brilliant. Thank you E.J. Runyon 🙂

Just been out for a small drink with the other half. Time to relax and a chippy tea… (sod the weight thing… lol.






What a storming day I’ve had at work. Settling in now. Need to crack on with Chap 5.


Catch you soon.

Dawn x x

Early mornings and exciting news :)

I love early mornings. They give me lots of time to do the things I want.

Yesterday I was notified that my first two chapters for The Secret King – The Beginning has been    choosen as Editors Choice on the OWWSFF.

I am stoked about this. It means someone else found something great in my work. I’ll receive a review from one of the editors and it will be put in their news letter at the end of the month. I am a little nervous about this, mostly because their editors are amazing. Professional people at the top of their game.

I will of course take their review/criticism as it will be intended. To help. I hope that they like it and look forward to seeing what they say. 🙂

So this morning was cleaning the house, mostly. After neglecting it for a week during working hours. Everywhere needs a scrub down, dust and hover. I’m not one for dusting though.

We have a home made TV cabinet which is black. And it shows the first sign of dust right after you’ve dusted. grrrrr….

Anyway, the house is clean and so I sat down to do something I’ve put off for almost a year. I register all my work with  oops sorry got it wrong first time. 😦

For UK writers it’s the only place. Unless you want to use the LoC or WGA…

Anyway over the course of a few years since first registering my work. Lots of things have changed. So it is a good idea to keep the paper trail going. I just don’t know why it took me so long to get to it.

In doing so today. I actually found a 50 page TV script that I wrote for The Secret King – The Beginning. And I’d forgotten about it. You do sometimes. It’s like your on a mission while writing and then once you’re done. It’s forgotten and onto the next project. Which for me was actually writing the novel…



Well they all seem to be fine. Apart from the sanke. Who I still believe has an internal bacterial infection. I am positive he’s developing dropsy too. Which isn’t a good sign. He’s still active, much more so than he was. Not sulking. So I have my fingers crossed.

It’s two of the older koi that just seem a little off. Everyone else is normal.

Scraped and checked everything yesterday. Everything is good. No bugs, all water is excellent. So I just have to sit on it. Wait for the weather to warm up even more and just hope.

Hope you all have a fab evening. What ever you’re up too.

D x x

Over the hump…. :)


Hey everyone 🙂 Hope you are all awesome. 

Wed already, boy this week has just flown by and I don’t know where it has gone. 


Well bar from my little incident at one of my stops yesterday. Getting locked in the toilet is definitely one of the funnier things that has happened to me at work. 


I am just thankful it was at 1pm rather than at 10am. Or my day would have been really messed up. I was only late for one of my calls. 


I think everyone in my local area has heard about it by now though 🙂 lol


So editing/reading is going well. Been spending a few hours doing it early afternoon before anything else gets in the way. 


This evening though due to bad weather our main pond pipes had frozen and the tap had split. Not good. Then the filter blocked with all the dead blanketweed from having been treated these last few weeks. 😦 


So although I’ve not done much tonight, I’m tired. We had a chippy tea. Because we’ve no food in the house. Shopping this next week… yey.. ughh no I hate shopping too. 


This was just a little update. Happy hump day 🙂 and speak soon. 


Dawn x x 

Chilled :)

Well almost. 


Had a good few drinks last night went to bed late. But I was still awake at 6am… all through the week all I want to do is sleep in, the only days that I can… I can’t. dumb huh? 


So, I got up early caught up on some reading. Went outside to see the fish. I had the job of trying to catch the sanke today for a scrape and treat. 


He’s not looking so good. Defo kidney failure from something. Although no obvious pine coning like dropsy. His eyes aren’t bulging. But he’s a mark all white over on his head. Looks more tumerous to me.. scraped. No costia… so that is why he’s feeling better and eating. Although I don’t think he will survive. He could prove me wrong though. 


Gave him a salt dip…. 3oz per gallon. He keeled over after 4 mins. Breathing but on his side. They’re not supposed to be in salt. Simple. 


Back he went in the pond and he stayed on his side for a little bit. He’s swimming around now though so will keep a close eye on him. 


Going to try and scrape a few others tomorrow. Though they’re all looking fine. 🙂 I’m positive but not… if you know what I mean. 




Writing wise. Been working on character arcs. And in the plotting of my whole novel. I’m picking up the pace. Just need to stop with the procrastination and get down to it. 


There are a few people asking for my time with projects. Although I’ve tried my best. I need to still concentrate on this. This is my big in. My chance. I know it. 


So, only looking to work on the projects which I’ve already dedicated too. And that is already a lot. 


Gotta keep it real. 


I’m about to head off for a couple of drinks and a film to chill out. I’m still here. If anyone needs anything. Shout. 🙂 


D x x

Tough week!

Wow. This week has just flown by. 

I can’t really sort of catch up so this is a sort of a quick one. 



Panicked a little over the older ones acting up. But all seems much better, plenty of fresh water going in. They seem to have perked right up. Still planning on catching the sanke to see how he’s doing underneath. Although looks like swelling and scales have gone down so I’m positive. 


Babies all good 🙂 although a little colder than I wanted. No sulking no signs of anything after their ‘boiling ordeal’… 


Mortgage and the house. 


Well it is a shame, but there isn’t anything we can do at this moment in time. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the fixed term ends and see what the mortgage company say. Top and bottom of it is, if we start over paying then what we owe will come down. So, we’ll start there. 🙂 at least we have a plan. 




Best Friends Ep 5 is being filmed. Some parts actually in L.A which is fab 🙂 and The Chronicles of Pandora has really taken a spurt on too. I’m so excited by both these projects. 


The Secret King – The Beginning is moving forward once more. I’ve learnt so much with my sessions with E.J that I now need to focus on and actually do the work now. On my own, with just the editing and the kick ass part of the process. I’m excited because we have a battle plan and I’m looking forward to getting this novel to the absolute best it can be. I don’t like to rush anything and it might take me a while longer but I’m still aiming for this year. 🙂 

So much to do, so little time. But I’m loving ever minute. Although I can’t shake this cold crap. 4 weeks now. I feel much better with how things are going. Some knowing and being able to plan things is better than nothing at all. It is the not knowing that kills me. 

I will speak to you soon. 🙂  Thank for stopping in.