Easter Sunday and no Eggs :(

Well. I’m not much of a chocolate lover anyway. We had French Toast instead. That was my eggs.

Yesterday I had a pretty good day. Pottering around, reading, writing, enjoying myself.

I read a lot of blogs. But I actually read one with a new site review on it. From http://changeitupediting.com/ on a site I’d not heard off. The first two people to email the reviewer got an upgraded membership to this crit site.

http://www.scribophile.com  sorry not too great when I link things… ‘edit’

I thought no way I’ll never be the first. Well I was. Lol… so I’ve now somewhere else to procrastinate. Oh dear…

I waited for the other half to come home. And then we went up for a wonderful home cooked meal at my dad’s (his wife Liz is an amazing cook) we stayed up chatting till late and then slept there. Coming home a little too early still. I can never sleep properly in another bed. Even if I’ve had a few drinks.

Today’s about relaxing. And chilling out some more. Spent a little time nosing around the new site. Scribophile. It’s not bad. 🙂 Although there are a lot of genre’s there that I won’t participate in reading. Strict sci fi, fantasy gal when it comes to reading…. I can read a script of any genre. But a story or novel. I really struggle to get into.

Happy, happy Easter to all. And hope it’s a great day for everyone.