Monday :)

So the weekend was mostly spent in bed. Recuperating. Although I am still feeling a little full of cold. I do feel much better.


Wish I could take some time off work to really re-charge. But seems that they’re so snowed under they can’t. And they’ve still not advertised for the new position promised. That would help out their work/holiday load for sure. You can’t have 14 people working for you and only one person available to cover. The sums just don’t add up. When we all get 3 weeks holiday. And no one really wants to take them in the dead of winter now do they so out of the 52 weeks. Most really want there hols in the summer…


Oh well.


In other news. Treated the Koi again yesterday. Was a bit hairy towards the end. They started to sulk around the surface so I neutralized it this time and changed some water.


Couple of lunkers. The chemical reaction from the HP is quite strong. And they don’t like this as much as being treated with the PP.


Poor fish.


Will have to leave them for a week or so and see how they’re doing.


Writing wise. Finally got back into it yesterday. It is good to take some time off but hard to get back into the zone.


I am raring to get going some more though. Easter hols soon. This year it comes early at the end of the month. So looking forward to it. I’m physically and mentally exhausted. 😦 and I know that is why I get sick easily. Plus the ED never helped lower immune system.


Fingers crossed that this month starts to pick up. Mortgage adviser should get back to us with some info. And I’m hopeful for our future.


Fingers crossed for me everyone.