Tough week!

Wow. This week has just flown by. 

I can’t really sort of catch up so this is a sort of a quick one. 



Panicked a little over the older ones acting up. But all seems much better, plenty of fresh water going in. They seem to have perked right up. Still planning on catching the sanke to see how he’s doing underneath. Although looks like swelling and scales have gone down so I’m positive. 


Babies all good 🙂 although a little colder than I wanted. No sulking no signs of anything after their ‘boiling ordeal’… 


Mortgage and the house. 


Well it is a shame, but there isn’t anything we can do at this moment in time. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the fixed term ends and see what the mortgage company say. Top and bottom of it is, if we start over paying then what we owe will come down. So, we’ll start there. 🙂 at least we have a plan. 




Best Friends Ep 5 is being filmed. Some parts actually in L.A which is fab 🙂 and The Chronicles of Pandora has really taken a spurt on too. I’m so excited by both these projects. 


The Secret King – The Beginning is moving forward once more. I’ve learnt so much with my sessions with E.J that I now need to focus on and actually do the work now. On my own, with just the editing and the kick ass part of the process. I’m excited because we have a battle plan and I’m looking forward to getting this novel to the absolute best it can be. I don’t like to rush anything and it might take me a while longer but I’m still aiming for this year. 🙂 

So much to do, so little time. But I’m loving ever minute. Although I can’t shake this cold crap. 4 weeks now. I feel much better with how things are going. Some knowing and being able to plan things is better than nothing at all. It is the not knowing that kills me. 

I will speak to you soon. 🙂  Thank for stopping in.