Over the hump…. :)


Hey everyone 🙂 Hope you are all awesome. 

Wed already, boy this week has just flown by and I don’t know where it has gone. 


Well bar from my little incident at one of my stops yesterday. Getting locked in the toilet is definitely one of the funnier things that has happened to me at work. 


I am just thankful it was at 1pm rather than at 10am. Or my day would have been really messed up. I was only late for one of my calls. 


I think everyone in my local area has heard about it by now though 🙂 lol


So editing/reading is going well. Been spending a few hours doing it early afternoon before anything else gets in the way. 


This evening though due to bad weather our main pond pipes had frozen and the tap had split. Not good. Then the filter blocked with all the dead blanketweed from having been treated these last few weeks. 😦 


So although I’ve not done much tonight, I’m tired. We had a chippy tea. Because we’ve no food in the house. Shopping this next week… yey.. ughh no I hate shopping too. 


This was just a little update. Happy hump day 🙂 and speak soon. 


Dawn x x 

2 comments on “Over the hump…. :)

  1. Urgh – I can’t stand food shopping either. People keep telling me to do it online, but then I wouldn’t get chance to buy all the things that are bad for me that I pick up to make me feel better when I get home! lol!
    Hope the fish are okay?
    Got any tips for reading/editing – I’m ploughing through a first read back of my first draft novel and making some notes: not quite sure what I’m looking for – what are you finding?
    Take care not to get locked inside any more toilets hon! Hope the week improves some! Cat x

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