Early mornings and exciting news :)

I love early mornings. They give me lots of time to do the things I want.

Yesterday I was notified that my first two chapters for The Secret King – The Beginning has been    choosen as Editors Choice on the OWWSFF.

I am stoked about this. It means someone else found something great in my work. I’ll receive a review from one of the editors and it will be put in their news letter at the end of the month. I am a little nervous about this, mostly because their editors are amazing. Professional people at the top of their game.

I will of course take their review/criticism as it will be intended. To help. I hope that they like it and look forward to seeing what they say. 🙂

So this morning was cleaning the house, mostly. After neglecting it for a week during working hours. Everywhere needs a scrub down, dust and hover. I’m not one for dusting though.

We have a home made TV cabinet which is black. And it shows the first sign of dust right after you’ve dusted. grrrrr….

Anyway, the house is clean and so I sat down to do something I’ve put off for almost a year. I register all my work with

http://www.thescriptvault.com  oops sorry got it wrong first time. 😦

For UK writers it’s the only place. Unless you want to use the LoC or WGA…

Anyway over the course of a few years since first registering my work. Lots of things have changed. So it is a good idea to keep the paper trail going. I just don’t know why it took me so long to get to it.

In doing so today. I actually found a 50 page TV script that I wrote for The Secret King – The Beginning. And I’d forgotten about it. You do sometimes. It’s like your on a mission while writing and then once you’re done. It’s forgotten and onto the next project. Which for me was actually writing the novel…



Well they all seem to be fine. Apart from the sanke. Who I still believe has an internal bacterial infection. I am positive he’s developing dropsy too. Which isn’t a good sign. He’s still active, much more so than he was. Not sulking. So I have my fingers crossed.

It’s two of the older koi that just seem a little off. Everyone else is normal.

Scraped and checked everything yesterday. Everything is good. No bugs, all water is excellent. So I just have to sit on it. Wait for the weather to warm up even more and just hope.

Hope you all have a fab evening. What ever you’re up too.

D x x

6 comments on “Early mornings and exciting news :)

    • E.J I am stoked. But nervous. I’ll email you a copy of what they say foor your thoughts if you don’t mind. Hope things are well at your end 🙂

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