Chilled :)

Well almost. 


Had a good few drinks last night went to bed late. But I was still awake at 6am… all through the week all I want to do is sleep in, the only days that I can… I can’t. dumb huh? 


So, I got up early caught up on some reading. Went outside to see the fish. I had the job of trying to catch the sanke today for a scrape and treat. 


He’s not looking so good. Defo kidney failure from something. Although no obvious pine coning like dropsy. His eyes aren’t bulging. But he’s a mark all white over on his head. Looks more tumerous to me.. scraped. No costia… so that is why he’s feeling better and eating. Although I don’t think he will survive. He could prove me wrong though. 


Gave him a salt dip…. 3oz per gallon. He keeled over after 4 mins. Breathing but on his side. They’re not supposed to be in salt. Simple. 


Back he went in the pond and he stayed on his side for a little bit. He’s swimming around now though so will keep a close eye on him. 


Going to try and scrape a few others tomorrow. Though they’re all looking fine. 🙂 I’m positive but not… if you know what I mean. 




Writing wise. Been working on character arcs. And in the plotting of my whole novel. I’m picking up the pace. Just need to stop with the procrastination and get down to it. 


There are a few people asking for my time with projects. Although I’ve tried my best. I need to still concentrate on this. This is my big in. My chance. I know it. 


So, only looking to work on the projects which I’ve already dedicated too. And that is already a lot. 


Gotta keep it real. 


I’m about to head off for a couple of drinks and a film to chill out. I’m still here. If anyone needs anything. Shout. 🙂 


D x x

One comment on “Chilled :)

  1. Stay focused on your own project and you’ll get there! Saying no doesn’t make you mean, it makes you honest. Enjoy the drinks and the films:)

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