Hangovers suck :(

Yeah, says it all really.

After a good day yesterday, I had a couple of drinks too many. My delicate little stomach didn’t agree with them. I just can’t drink like I used to.

I blame the job, when you drive for a living you can’t drink as much as you used too… not a bad thing I know.

So it just left me feeling icky all day. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, duvet, and pyjamas. Bed… sleep and that’s about it.

I feel a lot better now. But still need to drink more water. yuk!

How does everyone else cope with a little too much?

Are there any remedies that actually do work?

I’d love to know.

Speak soon.

Dawn x

5 comments on “Hangovers suck :(

    • Thanks, yep, and to not do it again… somehow I think we always do though. I must remember that I can’t drink like I was a teen any more…. need it drilling into my head.

  1. Ack, hangovers are the worst. I remember how much I could drink back in university and wake up dewy fresh the next morning. Something shifted around fourth year, and now I pay dearly for my nights of excess. My sympathies!

    And I agree with T.W. Dittmer — water definitely helps. Taking a shower makes you feel less grimy. Um … greasy food is also good. Other than that, bread and water, bread and water, until all the alcohol is soaked up.

    • Thanks, I’ve eaten now, so feel much better. French toast, made by my loving other half. πŸ™‚

      Funny though, glad I don’t drink too often any more.

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