Think I am learning :)

It has been a couple of days since I’ve posted. But, I’ve been editing my novel. Which has been a big job. Don’t get me wrong, I loved writing it. I want to get on with the next one. This comes first.

I edited the first nine chapters and sent them off for a few bits of feedback.

I’ve got the first Chapter back from a lovely lady. And to be honest, it wasn’t so bad. I think I’ve been improving over the years.

Then again, my writing partner, also contacted me saying he’s read it and will message me over it in the new year… that’s when I go eeeek. I’m scared now.

However, I found a program which helps with your editing and is separate from Word and its spelling/grammar check, that’s been interesting.

I think at least the text now is a lot cleaner, shouldn’t be many spelling errors, I just need to wait and see what else I need to work on.

My first critter said that I need to put in some internal monologue, because the characters are written in ‘cinema scope’ no surprise there I’ve been a script writer for the last 10 years. Hard habits to break… so those bits I can put in.

Waiting patiently to see what everyone else things, or does it need to go in the bin. 😦

No, think positive.

Heading off the night. 🙂

D x

3 comments on “Think I am learning :)

  1. Would you be willing to let us know the editing program you found interesting? I’m excited for you. Good luck with the feedback and by all means, think positive! Easier said than done sometimes.

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