I might try and give them a little bit of food. But not too much, I want to dose tomorrow hopefully for the last time with pp. I am hoping with all the cleaning etc that it will stay active for at least the 8 hours. If not I will settle for at least four. I am going to stick to the recommended dose, although I have been advised to put it in all in one go over the surface of the pond, so we will see.
I only have K1 in the filter, but there was a bag of oyster shells in there that smelt terrible when I pulled it out hence why i looked to the bottom, and realised it needed doing. So its now on my cleaning rota, I will have to do it more often. At least the hoover helped a lot.

Just checking on them before I have a kip, I am exhausted with all the worry etc, and I am working late tonight.

Catch you later hun, and thanks again.


Update, all fish except for the sick one ate, sturgeon very hungry although I can’t put too much in. Let you know how it fairs tomorrow.


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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