Hey all,

Well the Nexus is purged, and with the fish still flicking I am going ahead with one more try with pp. This should stay pink for the alloted time. I was also advised to slightly up the dose and put it in almost in one go.

I am not looking forward to the next few hours, but am hoping that all fish will feel much better once the critter is dead. A scrape is going to be done and then I am going to have to treat for a few sores, my yamabuki has a little red spot developing and he has one fin clamped this morning. Moby however the first to show signs is still swimming around a lot and looks still bothered but her fins aren’t clamped and she isn’t hoovering as much.

Will let you know in an hour or so how I am doing.

I will need all the help I can get to get these poor fish through the next weeks or so, recovery takes time.

Thanks for all the help guys.



One hour twenty mins later….

Ok so pp has been in over an hour, so far no bad reactions. Even with the sturgeon…. although she is swimming around on the top shelf, nothing unusual. She isn’t floating like she was the other day when we had to nurse her in the oxygen bubbles.

I have taken most of the air off the nexus though and am circulating it into the pond which I didn’t do the other day. So there is an extra air stone going full gallop as well as the pipe and smaller air stone. I have seen two fish bob up once for air, but no one is gasping at the surface. They all swam around rather quickly for about 10 minutes when it first went in, but they have settled down now and when I went over the chagois came up for food, lol. So fingers crossed I am almost there.

If it can keep like this for another few hours, I will be happy. And hopefully Trich will be all dead… At least then I can start to feed some more again as last night after 12pm the sturgeon were rather active and searching for food. Bless them they will be really hungry, and its not fair on them not to feed for much longer.



At present the pp is holding strong, and all fish are ok and active when I go near them they come over. So Its 3 hours now which is good. I am watching them very carefully and helping my mum wallpaper our bathroom. Its keeping me from going insane over the fish.

I will def dose with your suggestion, and also start to put other things in regularly to help all the fish.

Update you later in another hour or so.

Cheers without this forum I think I would have been turning to the bottle to keep me sane.



Ok, so it turned orange after 4 hours 40 minutes. I am hoping that is enough to kill the trich, fish look a little stressed but are still swimming about enough and haven’t been gasping or doing anything weird.

Let you know later how they are,



All fish alive and well… So far so good.

I am in work for the first day tomorrow, so I will be thinking of my poor fishes all alone with no one to watch over them…. :cry: Hopefully they will be fine. I am going to give them a little food later and then in the morning. Testing all water parameter’s first….

Will email you in the morning.


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