so this morning, I think I spent emptying my nexus, and cleaning the bottom. It took me ages to get all the k1 out first then at least I could see where I was hoovering. I think a reason why my pond was so bad is because there was loads of gunk in the outer chamber. I am sure this shouldn’t happen? Anyway, I will put this into my cleaning routine, and perhaps every few months completley drain it off and hoover the bottom.

My sickest fish is a lot happier she is swimming around a lot and when all the fish came over begging for food, she came to. Fingers crossed that things are getting better.

I have still seen two of my fish flicking so I do still think that tric is there. I def don’t think the pp was active for long enough and I am hoping that if I do redose tomorrow that this will be the last time. I really could do with another scrape doing but everyone is so busy. So I am watching the koi before I go to work and I am going to see how it fairs in the morning. They have had over a %75 percent water change in the last four days, so I guess we shall just see.

I’m not around any corner yet, but here is hoping.

Oh and ps, how long can koi go without food? I haven’t fed them in 3 days. And my sturgeon are pretty annoyed, I don’t kow how long they can do without, but I do know they suffer from malnutrition before the koi. Any one any ideas?

I am working later, but will keep you all updated.


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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