Post novel finish…

Hey there,

So I did take a little break, honest. (One day)

But I know that I don’t have too much time… I’m itching to get this project really started.

My plan will be something like this.

Spell check… and first read through.

I’ve already asked my co-writer and partner with the TV series to come on board now. I value his creative input on the series as a whole. More than anything, and I do believe he sees and has the same vision as I do.

He will be blunt.

Don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect and admiration for him but he’s no sweet talker when it comes to kicking my ass.

Of course, being so involved already with the series helps.

However, it can also ‘block’ seeing some mistakes out. So I will still be sending this off to a couple of people who don’t know anything about the TSK world.

I guess I will have to see then what happens. I do hope the readers love it as much as I do.

I think then when we’re really happy with it, I will go to a proper copy editor. I’ve been taking a look around. Lots of things to look at, work out.

Any recommendations on this. I am going to try one out, I saw the posts on the Nano site, I’ve looked at their work, etc and I’ve looked at costs over the net in general. I’ll be open minded, I’m not the best person to work with… Too many bad habits as a writer. Which I’ve tried to break. (over using commas is my worst one)

On another note. I am stuck in this ‘I must write’ phase. I still actually want to be cranking out words and not ‘editing’ that is the toughest part of the actual process. My mind all day has been thinking and plot spinning.

I already have a gazillion plots points ready for the next book. ‘le sigh’ but I can’t write it yet. I just can’t. Brain please shut up!


In other things, we only have two days to go at work… I am so excited for the holidays. 11 full days off work. Time to relax, time to write, read and chill out.

We aren’t going to be doing much, we don’t have the funds at the moment. But it will be nice to spend time with Paul and my family.

What are your plans?

Speak soon

D x

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