Picking up some steam…

Word count from  65, 008 – 67,245

Today’s count 2237


Hey there, so today I seem to have picked up some more steam. To be honest, I think this is due to the fact I can actually feel the finishing line.

At nearly 70k I am almost there. The story is coming to its climax and the tension is just unreal… I can’t help it. My fingers want to keep on typing, but I am getting so so tired.

I anticipate that I could be finished by next week. Maybe another 10-15k another 5 days of writing at this pace. I am kind of sad and excited all at the same time, because I don’t really want this to end just yet. The bigger story isn’t anywhere near finished, but I can’t get all of that into a novel. It is indeed, or may even become a series of novels.  EEEK!!!

What kind of scares me a little too, is I have asked my writing partner to come on board now. And, well, he knows how I write… and that scares me lots. because even though I sometimes have amazing ideas it takes a little bit of organization to sort them into something.

I’m at the point where I want him to love it and not hate it… but then I think he’s just going to kick my butt and tell me I can write better. Which I will have to agree with, I can. Because I don’t normally try and get it all out in less than a couple of months.

At present this story is written fast, probably a little confusing and disjointed. And as I am yet to even read it back, I guess I will have to wait and see myself as to how much I might cringe.

No one is getting this first ‘blurt’ novel. this one is for my eyes only.  🙂



On other things…

Hubby has a meeting with work tomorrow and he hasn’t slept since Sunday night. Which has kept me up. I am physically running on empty at the mo. And still I am managing to write. I think I am nuts… but with him being home, I have had less jobs to do around the house so that has made it easier on me.

Fingers crossed for him tomorrow please everyone.  We could do with a little luck.


Catch you later,


Dawn x x



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