Swimming :)

Boy it has been really cold today, it was colder than it has been for ages and I couldn’t get warm at work. Not surprising as I work outside most of the day. Pond temp is just under 6 deg…. baby pond is still at 12 as usual, but that is the easy one to heat.

I’ve had a rough day, but I am ‘chipper’ as they say.

Not doing much tonight, Paul just got home so we’re having a brew then going out for some swimming.   That will help me relax, and hopefully sleep tonight too, last night was awful.

I decided to enter REMS my short sci fi story into the sci fi comp on http://www.cirrcalit.com its one of my most polished pieces and I guess we’ll see the deadline is in 4 weeks. Other than that, not done too much writing wise, my heads been other places. I have 7 pages of the 10 required by Ryan, so I mailed him today and said I’d have it finished by the weekend. Then onto the other project, if my friend still wants me as a collaborator. Its tough to write with someone else when they’re the other side of the world and you work full time. But I’m willing to give it a good shot, it just takes a little longer than if I wasn’t working.

Hope everyone else is okay, speak soon.


Sad Day. :(

So after a restless night with the guinea pig managing to scratch himself red raw again. I tied his feet up once again, as one nail was poking through and hoped he was okay. But in arriving home, I gave him a good thorough examination, from where his original wound was to under his neck and front leg, he’s managed to rip all kinds of wounds into his skin, they’re all bleeding and flippin sore. He is so patient with me and he never once tried to bite me. 


I’ve spent the last 12 weeks trying to get this guine pig through being attacked by the other one. But the scratching is just making him worse and worse he won’t stop. He’s been the vets, he’s had medicine and creams, but nothing. Its like the worst case of exma you’ve ever seen, but he doesn’t know why he’s itching he just is… 


I’ve made the decision to put him to rest. And to let him not itch any more. 😦


Writing out the window for today. 




more writing. :)

So I have had so much go on this weekend and today. Work was yuk, but been out for dinner and have gotten on with a couple more pages of my short script. 


I am however so tired, didn’t sleep at all last night, far too cold. Today was warmer but it is going to be another cold night. 


Sorry for the short update, but I can’t write and write here as well. 


Speak soon everyone, need anything shout me. I’ll do my best to answer. 



a script writing day :)

Today has been nice, got up and got the cleaning out of the way. Paul did the washing 🙂 


We then went to get him a new phone as his is on the verge of collapse, managed to sort it all out and I can upgrade mine only on the 16th, so have to go back to do it. But his phone is good. A Nokia n800 with 12mg camera. He’s moved to Orange as he’s got the phone he wants on a contract which isn’t costing him anything extra. O2 wanted another £6 a month, over 2 years that is a lot of cash £120+ so we’re all happy here. 


Weather is freezing, no snow like they kept on going on about, but that is good for me and the fish. I think it will be lethal on Monday driving though as it has done nothing but rain and temps are -1 


So for the rest of the day I’ve been working hard on my short script. Writing ten pages isn’t so bad, but when you are writing to someone elses needs and wants it gets a little tougher. I am at page 5, and getting into it now. So hope to get him the  first draft off by tomorrow. 🙂 


How come as usual everything comes at once, you hear nothing for months. Then all of a sudden there are several people after your work and your time.  Crazy isn’t it. 


I have another three projects waiting now. And reads to do, and more of my own re-writing to finish off. Yikes, I need to give up the day job… wish I could. 


But alas…..


I asked my dad if I could borrow his exercise bike. Paul went mad, he’s going to ring the surgery on Monday and complain. 😦 


I do feel crap about it though, and about myself at the moment. Maybe in a few days it won’t be so bad. We’ll see. 


Have a fab evening all. 


Back to more writing…. at least that keeps me going. 






First day without mum in work.

Hi everyone. 


Thanks to some of you for the wonderful comments and support yesterday, through facebook and here. I managed to calm down, had a good dinner (chippy) and a brandy. 


I thought a little bit more about what the nurse said, and I am defo going to say something next time I see her. I know I am not perfect, but a little respect please. 


I will try and exercise more, I wanted to do so anyway, just…. yeah am always writing, sorting out problems with the fish and never seem to get the time for anything else. 😦


Anyway, so yeah, as the title says. First day without mum at work. I was sad, no one to talk to on the way there or on the way home. Work was okay, trouble ahead though, and not in good ways. 


It was nice to come home though,  mum, bless her had made our coal fire and wiped the kitchen down. I sorted out the fish, and have settled down for the evening. 


Writing on my collaborative project with producer/director Ryan, we have a title. Broken, although I am excited I am a little apprehensive. Just because so many other things just haven’t worked out. 


Anyway, will tell more soon. Hoping that this weekend is relaxed and wonderful. 


Speak soon.