Swimming :)

Boy it has been really cold today, it was colder than it has been for ages and I couldn’t get warm at work. Not surprising as I work outside most of the day. Pond temp is just under 6 deg…. baby pond is still at 12 as usual, but that is the easy one to heat.

I’ve had a rough day, but I am ‘chipper’ as they say.

Not doing much tonight, Paul just got home so we’re having a brew then going out for some swimming.   That will help me relax, and hopefully sleep tonight too, last night was awful.

I decided to enter REMS my short sci fi story into the sci fi comp on http://www.cirrcalit.com its one of my most polished pieces and I guess we’ll see the deadline is in 4 weeks. Other than that, not done too much writing wise, my heads been other places. I have 7 pages of the 10 required by Ryan, so I mailed him today and said I’d have it finished by the weekend. Then onto the other project, if my friend still wants me as a collaborator. Its tough to write with someone else when they’re the other side of the world and you work full time. But I’m willing to give it a good shot, it just takes a little longer than if I wasn’t working.

Hope everyone else is okay, speak soon.


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