strange week,

Okay, so I am going to have to put some thought into the order of these things today.


First off. Eating and excersise.


A big forefront since the nurse had a little go at me, I’ve watched everything I’ve eaten cut out the alcohol and done 10 mins of cycling every day along with the 40 mins of swimming on wed. Un-happy to say I’ve actually dropped 2kg. I was hoping for something a little more gradual. 😦


I want to kick myself up the ass, because the E.D side of my brain is like ‘well done’  but ‘you could have done more by not eating’ but then my own real brain is pulling me apart because I want it to be less, like 1kg… I hate this so much, so have decided on a drink tonight and a chippy tea. Sod the diet for one night, I’ll have probably put it all back on by Monday.  lol




Today in work has been a bit of an eye opener. Just going about my usual day to day stuff and got to one of my drops, the garage we repair our vans in  (for those that don’t know I deliver fresh food to your door) and I got the shock of my life. One of our vans was in there, and totalled. I mean it had a run in with something big. My first reaction was ‘whose was it?’ followed by ‘are they okay’ then I was told I had to empty it after my shift and try and save as much stuff as I could.


It was in fact one of the girls vans, she’d lost the van on ice and flipped it. No one else was involved, but she was badly shaken around and bruised up. It was the drivers side which she landed on. I can’t for the life of me think she wasn’t hurt or will be really suffering tomorrow.


The thing that has sort of really pissed me off, and I don’t care who reads this, is that NO ONE rang me to warm me what to expect. I wasn’t even told ‘not to speak to anyone else about it’ yet my co-workers/friends ring me all day long, I have a fab bluetooth and I don’t mind this.


So I spoke to my mum who has only just recently left working for them, and she knew how long it would take me to sort out everything so she went around to help me out, she was there an hour stripping the van then we did a stock take and I headed back.


I wasn’t greeted with any thanks for that, but I got a roasting for telling the others. I can sort of understand where they were coming from. They wanted to tell everyone together, but I never even got a phone call, yet I wasn’t supposed to tell the girls work collegues what had happened and that she was okay.


I am a little peeved to things this week.


A job is a job, you get treated like a number for the most part, so why do most places expect you to pull your finger out and do extra, when you don’t really even get a thanks for it.


The manager blanked me for the most part this afternoon, and when I said I’d clean my van properly on Monday, and not finish it all off today she could only ask ‘what I was rushing home for’


Duuuuuhhhhh sorry to say, but I have a GREAT life out of work, I have animals to look after, a house to keep, shopping to do…

she soon forgot that I’d stayed behind to clean her van, because she had to go to a funeral didn’t she?


Why do some people only see the crap and never anything good….




Okay so yeah, done about that. I am going to move on, and forget everything that has happened this week.



I have a few things on this weekend. Mostly some relaxing and catching up, I’ve let everything slide due to it just being so hectic, so its a catch up, a clean house. And hopefully some enjoyment.


Speak soon, everyone,



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