First day without mum in work.

Hi everyone. 


Thanks to some of you for the wonderful comments and support yesterday, through facebook and here. I managed to calm down, had a good dinner (chippy) and a brandy. 


I thought a little bit more about what the nurse said, and I am defo going to say something next time I see her. I know I am not perfect, but a little respect please. 


I will try and exercise more, I wanted to do so anyway, just…. yeah am always writing, sorting out problems with the fish and never seem to get the time for anything else. 😦


Anyway, so yeah, as the title says. First day without mum at work. I was sad, no one to talk to on the way there or on the way home. Work was okay, trouble ahead though, and not in good ways. 


It was nice to come home though,  mum, bless her had made our coal fire and wiped the kitchen down. I sorted out the fish, and have settled down for the evening. 


Writing on my collaborative project with producer/director Ryan, we have a title. Broken, although I am excited I am a little apprehensive. Just because so many other things just haven’t worked out. 


Anyway, will tell more soon. Hoping that this weekend is relaxed and wonderful. 


Speak soon.