script – writing for a director/producer


Having spent the last two weeks holed up writing for a specific director/producer. I have my first draft finished.

How do I feel, well weird.

Writing for someone else is a lot harder than you can think it is. They request certain things, they ask for everything and expect it to be done…

Has anyone else had any experience with this?

I’ve only written for one other director/producer and in the end she didn’t like the script and choose not to move forward with it, yet I know it is one of my best pieces. And I’d still like to get someone else involved with it, but that was tough to write too.

A question I pose is as writers should we do these assignments, do they help us?

I know that the world of writing involves hard work, it involves lots of writing which we might not enjoy, but is that something I want… Is it something you want?

Just curious.

Oh and in other notes, check out my latest vid of my baby koi. Very proud of them….