Writing while injured :(

Okay, so it has been a little while since I posted. I have good reasons, I’ve badly sprained my right wrist. My writing hand. It is hard enough to drive all day and work, besides type at home too. 


Work has been very tough, not just the driving, but they’ve altered my route and added 10 new stops. Besides trying to keep to time on all my own. Its pretty impossible and if I’m ever on holiday, I doubt anyone else will be able to do it. Oh well, I’ve also peeved a few customers off, because they were used to the times I’d set and now for some, I’m an hour and a half late, which is a lot when you’re hungry 😦

Writing wise… 

I finished one part from writing assignment. I was requested for detailed feedback on a script going into production soon. That was a good job, as the director is a top notch guy and his characters are complex and interesting. 


My second project for a short film maker is taking a little longer, he wants a re-write of the short I finished last week. And typing one handed is awful. 


As for the third project, 40 pages in and loving that…. but still can’t do as much as I wanted to this week. Its been tough believe me. 


So that is where I’m up to. 


Hope to start posting again soon, when I get a bit better.